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About us
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Netzhammer AG
Gempenstrasse 10
CH-4002 Basel

Fon +.41 61 366 92 20
Fax +41 61 361 50 21
About us

Netzhammer’s avenues of business are engineering, consulting and system integration projects in the domain of automation, as well as developing software for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Our dynamic company particularly specialises in the different areas and requirements important to the pharmaceutical industry. [areas

Customers value our professional knowledge, experience and competence. Reliability and flexibility in the realisation of a project is our strength. Netzhammer's engineers are highly qualified hardware and software experts; the solid base of our know-how today is built from more than 25 years of project management by our staff.

Netzhammer AG was founded in 1982 with its base in the heart of Basel, Switzerland, and its principal office is still there today. Our area of operation is Europe, India, Africa and the USA.